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Rainbow Layer Hatching Eggs
  • If you’re looking to add color to your egg basket and variety to your flock, then this mix of day old chicks is the winning ticket for the egg vignettes you've been drooling over!


    Scientists believe that different breeds of chickens lay eggs in varying colors because they make their nests on the ground and this was one way they could camouflage their eggs from predators and protect their offspring. Not only will you have the full rainbow of egg colors, but you will also have chickens from around the world!  


    You will receive a mixture of chicks from our flock of colored egg layers including French Black Copper Maran (chocolate layers), Isbar (green layers), Ameuracana (blue layers), Icelandic (white layers), Easter Eggers (blue, green, cream, heavy bloom layers). The offspring will come in a wide variety of feather patterns and will fill your egg basket with a rainbow of colors! 


    Scratch that itch for vibrant colors in your nesting boxes!


    Local pickup ONLY. 


    Orders are fulfilled in the order they were recieved and updates will be provided through the member dashboard as eggs are collected for hatching and tentative pickup dates are established. 

    Rainbow Layer Hatching Eggs