Icelandic Chickens are a type of chicken from Iceland; also named pile chicken or hen of the settlers in the Icelandic language. They are a landrace fowl which are rare outside their native country. They have been presentin Iceland since introduction by Norse settlers in the 9th century.Icelandic Chickens are not standardized in appearance, possessing a wide range of plumage colors and patterns, and comb types with many flashing feather crests. With Icelandics you can maintain a single landrace in your flock, yet enjoy a kaleidoscope of color! Being a landrace, and capable of evolving to conditions it lives in, it cannot have a Standard of Perfection that a breed has. Unlike a modern chicken breed that commonly has an inbred factor of 12%, Icelandics have proven by DNA analysis to be remarkably genetically diverse boasting DNA 78% different than any other breed of domestic chicken.Icelandic chickens are hardy in different climates, thrifty and make excellent homestead birds. They are also adaptable enough to thrive in backyard conditions, and when raised by calm people who spend time with them, are often very friendly and trusting. They are not a modern dual purpose breed, but do lay a lot of medium-sized white to pale tan eggs, and often lay over a long lifetime and during winter months. The hens are prized for their broodiness and mothering skills and will often hatch enough chicks to supplement your flock each year. The Livestock Conservancy Listing - Threatened There is only an average of 5,000 of these birds living in the entire world! Become a steward for the Icelandic Chicken and give this treasured landrace an opportunity to replenish its ranks by your joining your flock.




Hatching eggs will be offered beginning in February. Orders placed now will be added to the wait list and updates will be provided throughout the process.

* Local shipping available upon request *

Icelandic Landrace Chicken

Hatching Eggs
  • We cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to variables that are beyond our control. However we actively verify fertility rates of our hatching eggs to ensure quality and maintain a healthy flock promoting strong offspring. 


    At checkout you can select a local pickup at the homestead or choose to have your eggs shipped. Shipping hatching eggs comes with risks that are beyond our control. We are not responsible for how your eggs are handled during the shipping process or any delays in transit caused by USPS. If you cannot assume these risks please do not purchase eggs. However, we will package the eggs diligently and ship via priority mail with the freshest eggs possible and any extra eggs we have at the time.


    Pictured are some of our breeding stock and examples of chicks. You can hatch a variety of feather patterns, comb types and shank colors from our hatching eggs. 


    *Orders will be fulfilled in the order they were received. If for any reason you require your hatching eggs to be shipped on a specific date please indicate that information in the special instructions field provided.    

  • 1 dozen maximum per order 

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