The Hedemora is a representation of one of the most adaptable species of chickens. Hailing from Sweden this landrace is named for its place of origin. Hedemora is a small town in a cold, dry environment that can be punishing and harsh. Several hundred years ago chickens were introduced to Hedemora, and since that time the birds have adapted in remarkable ways to their frigid environment. Their bodies are relatively small to retain heat, their skin is often black to maximize solar gain, their combs and wattles are small to avoid frostbite, and most remarkably their feathers have evolved to have a fur-like texture that better insulates their bodies. The group of chickens that emerged from Hedemora eventually became sufficiently uniform to qualify as a landrace. The Hedemora has a strange and otherworldly beauty. Their feathers range greatly in color patterns, many we have never seen. The birds are docile but active laying a cream-colored egg. We haven fallen deeply in love with the Hedemora and are confident you will as well! Hedemora are quite rare with perhaps 2,000 birds existing world wide, having only been imported into the US around 2010. Become a steward for these fascinating survivors and aid in the preservation of this Swedish gem!




Hatching eggs will be offered beginning in March. Orders placed now will be added to the wait list and updates will be provided throughout the process.

* Local shipping available upon request *

Hedemora Landrace Chicken

Hatching Eggs
  • 1 dozen maximum per order 

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