Frequently asked questions

Can I buy pasture raised eggs at the homestead?

YES! Come visit us at 29 Campville Hill Rd. in Harwinton where you can pickup eggs and other goods at our farm stand.

How do I pay at the farm stand?

There is a cash box located at the farm stand for easy pickup and payment. Please note that the farm stand is exact cash only and self-serve. If you would prefer to pay for you items securely online just reach out to us and are happy to serve you!

What is pastured-poultry?

Our happy hens, affectionately referred to as The Breakfast Club, get to roam free throughout the day and are able to enjoy natural vegetation, bugs, and sunbathing in the lush pastures, fields and woods. They are provided an organic lifestyle that mimics that of their natural habitat while maintaining the sustainability of the environment. The Breakfast Club enjoys sunbathing, which packs tons of vitamin D into their eggs. Thanks to all of the fresh greens our ladies eat, these lovely eggs get packed with beta-carotene which is why their yolks have such a beautiful vibrant color. The flavor, color, and texture are made distinctive by high amounts of vitamin A, D, E, K-2, B-12, DHA, EPA, and ALA making them a true superfood.

What is humanely-raised pork?

It is our belief that the quality of an animals life has a direct impact on the quality of the meat. That's why our pork is raised in hog heaven! Treating livestock humanely is core to True North Homestead. We are committed to raising all of our livestock to the best animal welfare standards. Our livestock are always raised outdoors with no added hormones or antibiotics – EVER. Our passion for the craft, dedication to our animals and respect for the land can truly be tasted in the finished product.