Living Life Closer to the Land

We are a Veteran-owned farm enjoying the wild ride of homesteading with our family and sharing the journey along the way!With every homesteading adventure we have undertaken we are reminded of the values that inspired this journey and to be able to share the results of that dream with the community is incredibly humbling. 

​Our homesteading journey began as a way for our family to reconnect after our service overseas. This adventure started with a tiny garden plot and two little girls with very dirty hands. As our vegetables grew so too did our love for agriculture. The joys we shared from our accomplishments brought us closer than we had ever been before. It seemed only natural that the next step would be to add a few chickens to our family and it was a slippery slope from there!


We swiftly outgrew our one acre plot in the city and were on the hunt for the perfect homestead. The very first time we saw this log home we just knew that we were meant to live out our days on these 18 acres. Since then our lives have grown in strength and love, so ohas our homestead family! Our backyard flock multiplied exponentially to now embody the preservation flock rare landrace poultry that lives on pasture providing fresh free-range eggs and baby chicks to the community. A herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats call these meadows home and we love sharing the joy that their offspring bring every year at kidding season when the pasture is filled with bouncing baby goats. Humenaly raising the animals on our homestead is a core value for our family, so naturally we expanded to include hormone and antibiotic free porkshares to fill all your bacon needs! Thanks for being an integral part of our homesteading journey!


True North Homestead

29 Campville Hill Rd.

Harwinton, CT 06791


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